Privacy & Cookie Policy

Your privacy is important to us! This privacy policy contains information about how Alektum Group processes your personal data. You will also find information about your rights, for example how you can access your personal data, how you correct your data, and also how you request that we stop processing your personal data. If you have received a letter from Alektum Group, we instead ask you to visit for further information.

Privacy policy

In this privacy policy, we explain how we may process and store personal data when you use our website. The initiative to the website is taken by Alektum Group AB, who is the data controller of all personal data that is processed within the Penny Pep initiative. If you have questions regarding our processing of personal data, you can contact our data protection officer via the email address If you want to contact Alektum Group, you can reach us on the following address:

Nils Ericsonsgatan 17

404 23 Gothenburg

Phone (switchboard): +46 31 730 60 75

Personal data – definition

Personal data means all data that can be used, individually or together with other information, to identify, contact or localize a physical person.

Personal data – how we collect it

We collect your personal data:

* when you provide your contact information by e‑mailing

* when you order the ”Keep track of your money-book” from us by emailing

Please note that the information you provide to us will be registered. We therefore ask you not to state any sensitive personal data and not to provide information that falls under the definition of special categories of personal data in the general data protection regulation, for example, data that reveals health information, race or ethnical origin, or political views.

Personal data – how we use it

We may use the information we collect about you for the purposes described below.

* To track your use of our homepage with connected websites, to personalize your visit on the website and to provide the content that is most adapted to your interests and needs (see also our cookie-policy below). Our processing is based on your consent.

* To reply to requests and to send out the Keep track of your money-book to you if you order a book. Our data processing is then based on our legitimate interest, which means that we have balanced our legitimate interests against the interests of you as a visitor.

* If you visit our Facebook page, your personal data may be processed by us to inform about our business and to promote various events, services, and products. Our data processing is then based on our legitimate interest, which means that we have balanced our legitimate interests against the interests of you as a visitor.

Email communication

Please note that communication over e-mail always entails risks from a security and confidentiality perspective. We therefore recommend not to send e-mails that contain sensitive data or other data that you do not want unknown persons to read.

Storage of and access to personal data

Your personal data is stored in secure networks and only a few people have access to it, subject to special access rights and confidentiality obligations. We store personal data only as long as needed for our purposes. The storage time for personal data therefore varies depending on our purpose for processing the data.

Disclosure of personal data to third parties

We do not sell or exchange your personal data to third parties. We will however transfer your personal data to our cooperation partners whose services we use to maintain our website and our business, and to fulfil our service commitments to our users. Our cooperation partners are committed to treat all personal data confidentially.

We may also disclose information when required according to law, when required to uphold our website policy, or when required to protect the rights, property and security of Alektum Group or third parties.

Anonymised information about visits is only disclosed to third parties for marketing and advertising purposes, or for other purposes if you have consented to our use of cookies for statistical or marketing purposes. See our cookie policy below for more information.

We do not include or offer products or services from third parties on our website.

Your rights

You have the following rights according to the general data protection regulation.

* Access: You have a right to get access to the personal data that we process about you, and to know for which purposes we use this data. We may ask you to verify your identity when requesting information according to this right. When we receive your request we will answer as soon as we can and no later than within one month.

* Rectification: You have the right to obtain the rectification of inaccurate or incomplete data.

* Erasure: You have a right to request that we delete your personal data. If you request deletion, we will assess your case as soon as possible and no later than within one month.

*Objection: You have the right, at any time, to object to the processing of personal data which is based on our legitimate interest). If so, we will only continue processing your personal data if we can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for the processing that override your interest.

*Complaints: You have the right to complain to the supervisory authority about our processing of your personal data. You can do so either to the authority in Sweden, the Supervisory Authority for Privacy Protection (Sw. Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten), or to the supervisory authority in your country of residence.

Contact information to the supervisory authority in Sweden can be found on their website.

If you want to exercise any of your rights, you can contact our data protection officer on .

External links

Please note that if you use links to leave our website and visit another website or to use a service from a third party, the policy will cease to apply.

Your activities on other websites are subject to the rules and policies applicable for those websites.

Cookie policy

A cookie is a small data file that a web server saves on your (i.e. the website visitor’s) computer. Cookies are used to store information that is then transferred to the web server when you (re)visit the website from the computer on which the cookie is saved.

Cookies also contain a time stamp which indicate when the cookie stops functioning. More information about time stamps and last functioning date can be found in the section Temporary and persistent cookies.

Cookie categories

Cookies can be dividied into different categories. On the Penny Pepp website, we use the following categories of cookies:

* Necessary
Some cookies are necessary in order for the website to be usable. These cookies are necessary to enable website navigation and other basic functions to work correctly. These cookies will always be activated when you visit our website. Our processing of cookies in the Necessary category is based on our legitimate interest in being able to provide a functional website to the website’s visitors.

* Preferences

Cookies in the Preferences category allow our website to remember information about settings you have chosen that affect how the website behaves or looks. This may include settings such as your preferred language or information about the region in which you are located. The purpose of using these types of cookies is to make the website more user-friendly so that it remembers the settings you have chosen. This cookie category is only used if you have provided your consent.

* Statistics
Cookies in the Statistics category anonymously collect information that helps the website owner gain an overview of how visitors use the website. The purpose of using these types of cookies is to analyse user behaviour on the website so that we can improve the website for users. This cookie category is only used if you have provided your consent.

* Marketing
Cookies in this category are used to track visitors between different websites. The purpose is to display adverts and promotional information that the user finds relevant and interesting, thus making them more valuable to their publishers and to third-party advertisers. In this context the information is shared with Facebook, Google and YouTube. This cookie category is only used if you have provided your consent.

Tillfälliga respektive varaktiga cookie-filer

* Tillfälliga cookies
En tillfällig cookie, även kallad sessions-cookie, lagras bara tillfälligt i datorn, så länge webbplatsbesöket pågår. Tillfälliga cookies raderas normalt av webbläsarprogrammet när detta stängs av. Till skillnad från varaktiga cookies har tillfälliga cookies ingen tidsstämpel som anger sista funktionsdatum, och det är härigenom webbläsarprogram kan skilja mellan tillfälliga och varaktiga cookies.

* Varaktiga cookies
En varaktig cookie raderas inte när webbläsarprogrammet stängs av. I stället sparas den varaktigt i datorn, antingen tills dess sista funktionsdatum infaller eller tills en angiven tid förflutit. Under hela den tid cookien förblir sparad, kommer informationen den innehåller att skickas till servern varje gång du besöker den webbplats cookien tillhör och varje gång du från någon annan webbplats visar en resurs (till exempel klickar på en annons) som tillhör den webbplats cookien tillhör. Varaktiga cookies används för att registrera och spara surfvanor under längre tid och för att spara användares inloggningsuppgifter, så att de inte behöver skriva in sina inloggningsuppgifter vid varje återbesök.

Temporary and persistent cookies

* Temporary cookies
A temporary cookie, also known as a session cookie, is only stored on the computer temporarily, for the duration of the website visit. Temporary cookies are normally deleted by the browser when it is closed. Unlike permanent cookies, temporary cookies have no timestamp indicating an expiry date, and this is how browsers are able to differentiate between temporary and permanent cookies.

* Persistent cookies
A persistent cookie is not deleted when the browser is closed. Instead, it is stored permanently on the computer, either until its expiry date or until a specified period of time has passed. During the entire time the cookie is stored on the computer, the information it contains will be sent to the server each time you visit the website to which the cookie belongs and each time you view, from another website, a resource belonging to the website to which the cookie belongs (for example, when you click on an advert). Persistent cookies are used to record and store surfing habits over a lengthy period of time and to save a user’s login details so that the user does not need to enter their login details each time they revisit the website.

Your control over cookies

If you do not wish to allow all cookies, you can choose which ones you want to allow. This is done either on your first visit to the website or by selecting “Cookie Settings” in the website footer. Our default setting is that no cookies are activated to begin with so that you can make your own choice regarding the cookies you wish to allow. By allowing selectable cookies, you provide your consent to the processing of such cookies. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, which you can do by changing the selection of cookies you have allowed.