About the Penny Pep

Through the Penny Pep, we hope to encourage and inspire parents and children to an open and educational dialogue about money. In our near cashless society, money and its value is becoming more or less an abstract concept, and all the more difficult for parents to explain and for children to understand. Through the Penny Pep, we want to lay the foundation for tomorrow’s adults to be able to step out into adulthood with good, healthy, and sustainable financial habits that minimise the risk of financial troubles later on in life.

There is no golden rule

All children are different and so are their circumstances. There is no golden rule, no right or wrong when it comes to talking about money with children. The tips and advice shared on this site are based on knowledge and many years of experience from us and experts in the field. What we hope is that you, as a parent, get tips on what to talk to your child about, and that we can contribute with inspiration on how to go about introducing money talk into everyday life.

With the Penny Pep, we want to promote healthy and sustainable financial values and habits of future generations

At Alektum Group, we have a clear vision – to guide and inspire people to balanced and sustainable personal finances. Unfortunately, we see that more and more young people fall into the debt trap, and we want to try to counteract this. We want to make a difference by increasing children’s and young adults’ knowledge and competence in personal finances. Research shows that money habits are formed early in life, therefore, through the Penny Pep, we want to offer parents inspiration, information, and the tools they need to give their children a good financial foundation and understanding before they step out into adulthood.

Moa Tyborn, SVP Communication and Marketing, Alektum Group